Seven E-ways to Reach Refugees

We hear all over the news about the trouble caused by the Refugee Crisis. But what if we are supposed to see this as an opportunity?  Our partners from Antioch Christian Church have launched a movement called Engage the Crisis to seize the opportunity.  Their heart is to mobilize this generation to share the love of Christ with these refugees.
They recently shared a story about a lady named Akela  (name changed for security) they had met in Germany at a refugee camp who accepted Christ. They used mobile technology to communicate through Google Translate from German to Arabic and vice versa. During a Bible study with the Engage the Crisis team, Akela shared one of her favorite verses: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:10). Many people like Akela have had to unwillingly leave their homes, some have lost family members, and some have been beaten and abused. They are hungry for love and peace in a restless place. They are thrilled to experience and hear of the love of Jesus. 
Mobile phones are an opening to reach the refugees. By using our mobile phones to evangelize and disciple (mobile ministry), we can share God’s Word. 
Here are 7 easy ways on how you can employ mobile ministry in your work with refugees.
  1. Distribute microSD cards with Gospel media (multi-language Bibles, tracts, JESUS Film etc).
  2. Show them the Love Europe App (maps, language and cultural info).
  3. Use the JESUS Film as an evangelistic tool.
  4. Setup a LightStream in a café.
  5. Offer free cell phone charging (Hope Rope kits).
  6. Support a church or ministry that is actively reaching out to refugees overseas.
  7. Connect with a U.S. church or ministry that is helping refugees here at home.
There are many chances to help refugees and share the love of Jesus with them.  Let’s work together to turn this crisis into a great God-opportunity!