South Asian Refugees: India & Sri Lanka (part 5 of 5)

India’s Refugee Stats:India Lady with flag

  • India is home to 209,000 refugees

  • Tbetans (110,000) and Sri Lankans (64,000) make up 3/4 of the refugee population in India

  • Refugees from Myanmar, Afghanistan and Somalia make up the rest of the refugee population

Sri Lanka’s Refugee Stats:

  • Following 3-decades of civil war, at present, 44,934 are presently internally displaced in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tea Harvest

  • Most of the internally displaced belong to the ethnic Tamil minority

  • 64,000 refugees of Sri Lankan origin are seeking asylum in India


**This material was presented at a recent refugee conference in Toronto by Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah, the Chairman of the Board of the International Institute for Religious Freedom and Executive Director of the Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance.

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