JESUS & the Hammock


From one partner near Toronto…
Each day when I am home in the evening, I have been lying down in my hammock by my driveway. Folks passing by love it, because it is so relaxing. What they don’t realize is… that while laying there, I am reaching the lost with the Good News. I have given out JESUS DVDs, Bibles and tracts!suliman-in-the-hammock
They come to check out the hammock.  The next thing I know, we are talking about the Lord. Here are two stories.
One Chinese guy came; he was working for Bell Canada.  He wanted to sell me something and leave me his flyer.  I said to him that I have a flyer for you also; he said, “What?” I said, “This flyer will change your life!” And that it did! He has come back to visit me three times already.  The last time he came, he took a box of the tract “How to Know God.” He said that he will now start sharing the Good News. I am also sending him old messages to help him grow.
The same thing happen to another guy who was walking his dog. Now every time he see me, he is thanking me that his life is back on track with the Lord.  The stories goes on and on…

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