Miriam from Morocco

A request from a partner just south of San Francisco…morroco-capital
Please pray for Miriam*, 38, from Marrakesh, Morocco. Her heart is broken from her divorce which was final in February. She has met with my wife, Jane*, who gave Miriam her testimony of how Jesus had saved her in 1978.  Miriam wants to spend more time with Jane and has expressed an interest in going to church with us. She told Jane she wanted to get together with her after she completes her Ramadan fast! – Miriam is “westernized” as she used to fly to Paris on the weekend to shop. She wants to go to the city to shop and spend the day with my wife. Miriam has the JESUS DVD and a copy of the gospel of John.
Please pray for Miriam’s salvation as we believe the Holy Spirit is drawing her at this time to Jesus.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit will help Miriam understand that it is only through Jesus that she can be forgiven of her sins.
We are praying for Miriam that the Lord will remove the blinders from her eyes and deliver her from the spirit of Islam. Thank you for placing Miriam ‘s name on the list of those who will be prayed for as the Lord’s love for her has brought my wife, Jane, to preach the Gospel to her.
* names changed for security
Note: We have Moroccan Arabic on our “JESUS” DVD – Arabic Dialects for your Moroccan friends!