Movie Night at Church!!

A great idea for outreach to internationals…
How many languages can your church show the JESUS Film in?  How many rooms could you use? CrossPoint Alliance Church in Akron, Ohio arranged a movie night for Easter of the JESUS Film in 11 languages. See their floor-plan.  They claim to have used every room and closet in the church!
Here’s 2 stories…
One Indian (Asian) student’s mother was visiting and she nearly jumped out of her seat and gasped when Jesus appeared resurrected! She had never heard about Jesus before.
A student from Vietnam watched and was so interested that she started coming to church on Easter and attending our ESL Bible class during Sunday School ever since! She immediately felt the sense of “family” after living in the U.S. for 17 years, raising her son as a single mom, and never having one close friend until our ESL classes.
What can your church do?