NAMB Reaching the Nations in North America

NAMB just had a conference in Nashville; we were there!  The focus was on spreading the gospel among the more than 42 million foreign-born refugees, immigrants, and international students in the U.S.  “Diaspora missions” ministry to those in the U.S. living outside their birth countries can help evangelize unreached, unengaged people groups.  Research on foreign-born people groups in select U.S. cities can be found at
Workshops were held to help churches get the necessary tools to begin to engage people groups here in the United States with the gospel.  Attendees heard “proven strategies that will help churches move beyond just the social needs.
It is highly significant that this conference was held near Nashville, since in the Nashville area there are at least 94 different people groups that have been identified.  Thirty-five of those are 1,000 or more in population and 30 are less than 2 percent evangelized. 20160826_204450xMany of those same people groups that we’re trying to reach globally are now in North America.  We hope to see churches become more engaged in diaspora missions in their own cities.
We believe the JESUS Film is the most dynamic way to hear and see the greatest story ever lived. Our multi-language DVDs are geared toward reaching all internationals. More than 200 million people have come to Jesus after watching JESUS and related films. We want everyone, everywhere to encounter JESUS.