Prepare for Eid-al-Adha!

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As explained by one of our partners:
This month, over a billion Muslims  all across the globe will be sacrificing animals in the hopes of gaining favor and forgiveness from Allah.  They don’t know that the ultimate sacrifice has already been made through Jesus, but this season is a prime opportunity for you to connect with and help Muslims understand God’s great gift to mankind.
You can communicate the gospel in the context of the sacrificial lamb. Eid-al-Adha, celebrated this year on September 12-13, is known as the “Festival of the Sacrifice”, and honors Abraham’s submission and willingness to fully obey God, before he was aware of the intervention that would come in the form of the lamb who took his son’s place.This festival can be a bridge for communicating God’s truth to the Muslims around you
What are you going to do TODAY? Is there something regarding ministry to or prayer for Muslims that God has put on your heart? What is ONE practical step you can take this week to move forward? Think of a Muslim you know or one who has recently crossed your path . Pray for them. Step out in love. Share truth. What you do matters!
Consider using our multi-language JESUS DVDs for those from the Middle East, South Asia or Southeast Asia.