Ambassador’s Elegant Wife

Report from an Egyptian CCC staff couple:
During our summer outreach in Europe, my wife and I met an elegant, open-minded, classy woman. After talking with her, we discovered that she is the wife of an ambassador for an Arab country.  During the school year, she has been taking courses on Comparative Religions at the local college. 
At this moment we asked her, “You have surely deeply studied the Torah,the Bible and the Koran?” She nodded. When I inquired if I could ask her a question,  she replied positively.
I asked her, “Through your studying, did you find that the Koran guarantees eternal life. She replied, Certainly not.”  I said, “You answer correctly, because the prophet of Islam said that he had no guarantee.” Then I asked again, “Are you going to spend your whole life without a guarantee of eternal life?” She answered, “Yes, for sure, because it depends on my works,… the good must cover the bad.” I replied, “But the prophet himself said, ‘No one will enter heaven according to his work.’ Mohamed the prophet said it’s not about works.”
After that she asked us, “Do you have the guarantee?” I said, “Yes, sure, we have the guarantee, but let me explain how we have it…” I started with Adam’s disobedience and how God took him out from the Garden of Eden after he and Eve covered their naked bodies with animal skins.  God established the faith-based redemption by blood.  “Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness.”  As people filled the world… after they inherited the sin nature… God wanted to provide redemption for all the people through one person.  But there are some conditions…
At this moment, she took out a paper and a pen and started to write the conditions of  redemption… mainly that is only through Jesus Christ.  My wife asked her, “Redemption is by what exactly? She answered, “by blood.”  My wife told her, “You can find that in the Koran very clearly in the story of Abraham and his son. Abraham said, ‘We ransomed him with a great sacrifice.'”
Then I told her, “Jesus was crucified on the cross and shed His blood to redeem all the people.” She responded. “But the Koran says ‘And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but another resembled him.'”  I explained that the Romans actually crucified Jesus on the cross. It was not someone who just looked like Him. 
Her eyes stared at us as she just discovered a life-changing fact! She realized, “He was crucified …yes… He was crucified!”  And I responded, “He offers this redemption specifically for you because He loves you. He created us free to decide our own destiny … whoever accepts Jesus as Savior and Lord will have eternal life according to God’s words in the Bible … and whoever rejects Him will perish forever.”    
She replied, “How could I reject Him? I wrote a lot of notes down from our conversation. I will revise and study all of them to make the most important decision in my life!” We gave her a SD Card (which includes Old Testament, New Testament, and the JESUS Film along with Magdalena).  She took it joyfully and gave us her contact information, and she asked to keep in touch. She even invited us to her permanent home.
In the end, we left with happy, rejoicing hearts; we felt renewed meaning and sense of eternal significance in our lives.
Note: Consider giving a JESUS DVD – Arabic Dialects (ARL)to your Arab neighbors.