ESL Students Touched by JESUS

From JESUS Film Project:
Smiling female student studying in classroom
Ann and Wally share a passion for reaching international students. The couple lives near a large medical center in Texas where visitors come from all over the world to study.
Ann reaches out to students through ESL (English as a Second Language) classes she offers at their church. Regularly, she gives her students “JESUS” DVDs. While they are studying hard to learn English, she knows they would better experience God’s message of love in their own language.
On one occasion, one of Ann’s Japanese students took the DVD home and watched it immediately. Her heart was moved by Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness. By the film’s end, she was ready to accept Jesus and prayed with the film narrator to become a follower of Jesus. She also didn’t waste any time in sharing the event with her teacher. Ann was so proud to present her student to their pastor to be baptized and join the fellowship. Ann’s student shared with him that she understood she was saved immediately at the end of the “JESUS” film.
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