Her Heart Grows Bigger

From JESUS Film Project:
In the beginning, Mariya invited everyone she could to her home to see this movie, JESUS. People young and old came at first because her contagious smile made them feel welcome and valued. Mariya’s heart swelled with joy as she watched her friends and neighbors see the life of Jesus unfold before their eyes. Through their tears of realization, Mariya saw the start of their transformations. As they discovered Jesus and made the decision to follow Him, these people, once strangers, were now brothers and sisters in Christ. In her six years of leading small groups, Mariya’s heart for this ministry never faded.
When Mariya met separately with the women, they watched Magdalena: Released From Shame and discussed what they learned. She remembers meeting Svitlana for the first time—hesitant, but curious. After Svitlana came to Christ, Mariya continued to teach her about how to grow in her faith.
In one year, Mariya’s women’s group grew to 10 people. As Svitlana’s interest grew, Mariya started showing her how to lead a small group of her own. Svitlana learned how to use the Jesus Film® resources and started witnessing. She led two women to Christ through Magdalena and started a follow-up group.
Mariya moved to a suburb of another city where she continued to grow in her ministry skills. Opening her new home for showings of JESUS and Magdalena, she began a new small group. Yulia and her husband attend this group, and Mariya started grooming Yulia as a potential leader. Now the two women lead this small group together.
Each time she introduces to the life-changing story of Jesus, Mariya’s heart grows a little bigger. She is influencing women and influencing the world.
Ladies, if you have a heart to influence women from around the world…