Salma (part 2 of 2): Royal Leading Women

The following  letter is from The Jesus Film Project.
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“For I proclaim the name of the Lord: Ascribe greatness to our God.” Deuteronomy 32:3
Salma (names changed for security) took a risk and wenhotel-cartoont to a high-end hotel in her Middle Eastern nation. A very wealthy woman leader was attending a conference, with her “royal” entourage, family and servants.
Salma: “The gospel is for everyone, from the peasant to royalty. I felt that this leader also deserved to know what Jesus had done for her.” Salma placed DVDs of “Magdalena” in her bag and went to the hotel, approaching the security desk. “Lord, don’t let them see the DVDs. It’s illegal. They can have me arrested!”
“I was amazed. They looked at the x-ray, went through my bag and didn’t see the DVDs! The Lord blinded their eyes. I was able to approach this well-known leader. I began telling her how much God loved her, that He wanted her to know what He had done for her.”
She was moved by what she heard and said, “Thank you for telling me this. I want to know more.” She actually took Salma into a hallway. Two other leading women were there at a table. Salma began to them all about the love of Jesus and the gospel. One of the women began to cry. They all wanted a DVD!
Still with a sense of shock and joy, Salma went to the banquet hall. There she found 450 other women, many associated with these leaders. “Lord, they deserve to hear the gospel too, but giving out a Christian film here is illegal. What shall I do?”


As she walked near a door in the banquet room, one of the guards spoke up, “Can I assist you with anything?” Salma said she needed help with some boxes in her car (boxes of DVDs!). The guard not only obliged, but called other guards over to help. She opened her trunk and they carried all the DVDs into the hall. The guards actually helped by personally giving out the DVDs of “Magdalena”! And every woman accepted, some actually asking for more!
In all, they gave out 1,500 DVDs to leading women in her country. Only God could have done this—because of His grace and glory!
Note: You too can share “Magdalena: Released From Shame” – Middle Eastern Languages (W1L) with Middle Eastern women near you.