What Did You Do to Him? (part 1 of 2)

One of our Egyptian staff reports:


Three team members met 2 men who were relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the nature around them. We sat down and joined  them… Mohamed was a doctor and his friend Ali was an engineer, two respectable, open-minded, highly-educated men.
We started a very interesting conversation including a discussion about inevitability and necessity of redemption with blood in the Bible and in the Torah and also in the Quran. We talked about the cross and the necessity for the crucifixion of Jesus for redemption. We concluded that death of Jesus provided the necessary redemption with blood. And He offers it to everyone! 
If a person believes in that redemption, accepting it for himself  and thanking God, he is guaranteed eternal life and will go to heaven. On the other hand, if the person refuses and  does not believe, he will go to eternal punishment in hell.
After a long conversation and many questions and answers … Dr. Mohamed said, “This is my first time to hear this.  Why didn’t our elders preach this in the mosques? I can’t refuse your logic. I do believe in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and accept it for myself.”
Just then, he saw a Josh McDowell book we had with us. Dr. Mohamed asked to see the book because he likes to read. My fellow team member gave the book to him and told him to keep it as a free gift. He took it with great interest and promised to finish it that day. We give the glory only to our Lord!
At the same time, his friend Ali was not serious and did not respond.
To be continued…
Note: God is preparing hearts in the Middle East for Jesus. We have multi-language DVDs with Middle Eastern languages so you can share JESUS!