What Did You Do to Him? (Part 2 of 2)

Our Egyptian staff member continues:
The next day, I was walking with one of the same team members in the same park. Again, we met Ali who was not serious the day before. He was with another friend… we shook hands and I asked about Dr. Mohamed. The friend answered, I’m Mohamed’s brother. He also asked me, ” What did you do to my brother yesterday? After he returned home, he finished reading the book that you gave him, and then he started reading the Bible that you also gave him! Before long, he opened the “SD card” that you gave him. He didn’t sleep till the morning.  What did you to him?”
At this moment we separated into two groups. My teammate shared the full gospel message with Ali. At the same time, I talked with Omar, Mohamed’s brother, and I also shared the gospel. The joyful surprise was when the Holy Spirit started to work in Ali and Omar and they both happily accepted the redemptive work of Jesus Christ even though Ali was not interested the day before. We saw the miraculous change of two precious souls right before our eyes.  Ali and Omar are on our Lord’s heart and on our hearts too. In the end, we left with our hearts full of joy and happiness, “walking and leaping and praising God!”
Note: God is preparing hearts in the Arab world for Jesus. We have a variety of Arabic dialects all on one DVD so you can share JESUS!