In Transit

A story from Jesus Film Project
Bing! The intercom rang and the flight attendant’s voice broke through. “The captain has turned on the ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ sign. Please return to your seats and buckle your seatbelts.”

Stumbling forward, Thato grabbed the seat backs lining the aisle. Why do I always do this to myself? he grumbled. The alcohol and recent vomit on his breath didn’t help his mood. Finally making it to his seat, he scooted past his neighbor’s knees and plopped down—immediately regretting the speed with which he did so.

Realizing the Americans sitting next to him were looking at him, Thato turned and apologized.
plane-inside“Don’t worry about it. Are you alright?”

Taken aback by his concern, Thato asked the Americans their names.

“I’m Madison, and he’s Craig.”

As they continued to talk, Thato felt oddly peaceful, and began to open up.

“I drank too much,” he said. “But, then again, I tend to mess up my life.”

That’s when the Americans did something he hadn’t expected. Instead of half-heartedly saying, “That’s too bad,” or simply looking away, they encouraged him. Thato listened intently as they responded in love.

“We are all imperfect,” Madison said.

Thato gave a half smile and thought, Well, I certainly am.
For the rest of the flight, Madison and Craig spoke with Thato about faith, forgiveness and freedom in Jesus. And since they couldn’t use the internet on the plane, they gave Thato a card with instructions on how to download the Jesus Film® app along with Craig’s contact information if he had any questions.

By the time the plane landed, Thato, Madison, and Craig were wrapping up their conversation. Grateful and feeling better, Thato exited the plane with card in hand, amazed at how quickly his hope was restored in a couple hours.

Madison and Craig continued onto their destination, joyfully reflecting on how even in the middle of the air, God made a way for them to connect Thato with the story of Jesus.