Effective, Efficacious, Not Expensive

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Our partner, Christ for All Peoples, answers:
Why is the Jesus Film so important for cross-cultural outreach to immigrants?
Here are five reasons:
  1. Orality – most cultures of the world are oral preference, story-based, learners. Jesus is the greatest story ever told.
  2. Language – people love their heart language. The Jesus Film speaks their language. When people see and hear that the DVD has their language they get excited to watch it.
  3. Collectivism – many cultures make group decisions. The Jesus Film allows for a group encounter. Families can watch together.
  4. Gifting – exchanging simple gifts is an honorable practice. There is no better gift to give and receive than Jesus.
  5. Reproducible – anyone can be trained in the simple task of giving a Jesus Film. We teach our outreach teams to offer a simple prayer and a simple gift.
All of these reasons make the Jesus Film DVD the most effective, efficacious and yet inexpensive evangelism tool available today. 
Give JESUS DVDs to your foreign neighbors in their heart (first) languages!
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