God Uses Middle East Website!

The Middle East Reports:
This story illustrates the kind of fruit that causes us to rejoice and seek God to produce in ever- greater abundance.


The nearest church is more than 100 Km from my home. Therefore, I hope that you would be my family and my church. My name is Eid and I got to know Christ via your website. I prayed the repentance prayer and committed my life to Christ. I totally depend on Talmaza online, YouTube and the daily devotion that I receive from your website for my personal quiet time. I have finished reading The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, but I feel very lonely. I don’t have any friends at all, but I trust the hand of Christ that supports me. My request is that you pray for me so that I don’t return to sin again.
May Christ Bless you!Computer and book
As our staff member began follow-up, Eid was encouraged to communicate the message to the closest person to him. He shared the gospel with two friends and received coaching on how to follow them up through the Talmaza online courses.
Eid now devotes at least an hour each week to share the message of Christ with others. He is following up with 12 people and starting a Bible study group for them and focusing on those who are most responsive.
-Pray for him to share his experience of becoming a multiplying disciple with others.
-Pray that the Lord may encourage him with plenty of spiritual fruit as he reaches out.
You can share Jesus with the Middle Easterners in your area using our ‘JESUS’ DVD – Middle Eastern Languages