Jesus Loves Muhammad!

A recent God-ordained story from one of our partners:

Turkey Hagia Sophia

We offered to drive a friend back to school to start the fall semester. We picked him up … where he was living for the summer and his friend Muhammad (not his real name) asked if he could ride along. Muhammad had something he wanted to take to his friend who was a pastor!  So we agreed to take him with us.
We had quite an interesting discussion with Muhammad.  He’s a rug dealer and also arranges very cheap tours in Turkey…  He’s not like most Turks in many of his opinions.  For example, there is a big debate in Turkey these days about the Hagia Sophia.  Many want the museum to be converted back to a mosque.  Muhammad thinks there are too many mosques already and it should be restored to its original use as a church!
We dropped our friend off at his apartment and then went to the pastor’s house.  While Muhammad was out of the room, the pastor said he’d met him a couple years ago at a Starbucks.  It was quite a divine appointment as it was in an area the pastor very rarely goes. They became good friends and each tried to convert the other! However, he related that Muhammad has become disillusioned with Islam recently due to the barbaric terrorism…
As we returned home it was getting  very late at night.  So I asked my wife if she wanted me to drop her off at home before taking Muhammad downtown.  (I hoped she agreed as I had an ulterior motive.)  So we stopped by our house and I picked up a Jesus DVD … This particular one had the film in sixteen different languages including Turkish.  Muhammad was very happy when I offered him this gift.
Just about the time we reached his house, he was again telling me how he wanted to help Christians see the many Biblical sites in Turkey at a very reasonable price.  Then he said, “Maybe Jesus will love me someday!”  I replied, “Jesus loves you NOW!  That’s the reason I gave you the DVD.  Watch it and see how much He loves you already!”
Please pray he would come to know how much Jesus loves him and wants to have a relationship with him.
Consider befriending with others from Turkey! Here are 3 of our JESUS DVDs that include the Turkish language: