Ladies, You Can Reach Your Muslim Neighbor!

Without Borders Women’s Conference ~ Sign up now! Time is short!
Dear Ladies,
Just like you, Muslim women have hopes and dreams and love for their families. They are in every zip code and likely in your neighborhood. They have come to us! What an amazing opportunity and also a tremendous responsibility! We want to share with you a great training opportunity.  Crescent Project, who we partner with, is offering a Women’s Conference in Austin, TX to help Christian women know how to reach out to Muslim women.
February 24-25
Austin, Texas
If you mention that you were invited by the Jesus Film Project,
you will receive a discount on your ticket.
Simple registration instructions are below.
About Without Borders
Without Borders is a women’s conference that supports and equips Christians in building new friendships with Muslim women. Teachings, testimonies and workshops will help break down walls of suspicion and fear in order to get the Word of God into the hands of Muslim women.
  • Testimonies from women who left Islam to follow Christ
  • Exploration of what Islamic texts teach about women 
  • Considering the impact of an Honor and Shame worldview on building relationships with Muslim women
  • Discussion of terrorism and refugees in a Biblical context
  • Practical ways to turn conversations to matters of faith
  • Workshops addressing common questions Muslim women ask about the Bible
  • Resources and tools to support your journey of discovery
  • Network with local and national ministries reaching Muslims
Registration instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the green “Register” button.
  3. Choose “Individual” (a reference to Jesus Film will appear)
  4. “Reduced Rate” will show; click the down arrow on the right hand side; and select “1” for yourself
  5. “Checkout” will appear in the lower right, click the green button.
  6. Fill in all remaining questions about address and payment.
We look forward to spending some time with you!
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