Love Japan (1 of 3)

Story from a recent Jesus Film Mission Trip to Japan…

Japan map flag

Amanda and Roberto were walking around one of the campuses in Japan, praying for God to give them one good conversation about Him. They rounded a bend and found Yuma, a first year religion and theology student who was very interested in talking. They talked about Japanese culture and how Japan celebrates Christmas. (The streets and department stores are festively decorated!) They talked about Jesus and the origin of Christmas, showing Yuma the “Birth of Jesus” segment from the JESUS film. Then they showed a short film “Marea,” and connected the theme to Jesus’ life and mission—to sacrifice His life for us. After sharing the bilingual Knowing Jesus Personally booklet, Amanda shared her testimony. Yuma said he wanted a Christ-centered life but was nervous about it. He wanted to talk more about it and made an appointment to meet again. The next day Amanda, along with her husband Sam, met Yuma and showed him the “Jesus is Crucified” and “Resurrected Jesus Appears” segments. They reviewed the booklet, explained how to receive Christ and asked if he wanted to make that decision. He said he was still hesitant. Before leaving, they gave him a Bible, prayed for him and exchanged contact info. As they were parting, Yuma said he would miss them!
  • Please pray for  Yuma and for an abundant harvest among the Japanese people around the world!
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