Love Japan (2 of 3)

Story from a recent Jesus Film Mission Trip to Japan…

Japan pagoda fuji

Mari Anna and Johanna met Azusa and Mayumi at another university. After a few minutes of conversation, they showed “Venia,” a short film about forgiveness. Mayumi asked, “Why did the son forgive his father?” Mari Anna explained that it’s because he understood that God forgave him and so he wants to do the same. She shared how God is holy and we are not because of sin, and explained how Jesus died in our place even though he was God’s Son and perfect. Because of what He did for us, we no longer have to be separated from God. They listened very intently and said they might come to our Christmas party on Friday night.
Please pray for Japanese students to see their need for Jesus!
Note: We have a special JESUS DVD for Japanese women entitled “Magdalena; Released from Shame.”