She Multiplies

Jesus Film Reports:


East Africa: Seeing how the villagers worshiped evil spirits, Zenaye knew God called her to shine brightly there. She could not let them live in darkness anymore. She had been through the church-planting training; she had shown JESUS in a suburb of the capital more than 50 miles away; now it was time to start a church, right where her husband’s family lived.But she needed help arranging the outreach and getting the word out. After searching, she found one Christian family in the town willing to help. Together these common believers served hand-in-hand to organize a public showing of JESUS. Then they prayed.
The villagers watched the film and responded to the message of the gospel. That night, a new house church began. It has grown to at least 50 people, and with land donated to the church by the first Christian family, the whole congregation is pooling money to build a place of worship.
Energized by this response, Zenaye continues to train believers to use Jesus Film® tools to shine Christ’s light elsewhere.
Please pray for East Africa.