They Lost the Match and Won a Heart!

Jesus Film Project tells a great story from Africa:

Togo boy soccer

Hundreds of people gathered around a dusty field to watch a friendly soccer match between American missionaries and their Togolese hosts. The village game had been advertised along with an announcement of the “JESUS” film showing scheduled for that night. Despite the American team’s best efforts, at the end of the match, it was a win for Togo.
The following day, on the way to another village the Jesus Film Mission Trips® team stopped to meet one of the guides, but he was hours late. These kinds of delays often happen during travels, but this guide was very late.
Hours went by with no word…. They continued to wait…. What could be the delay?
Suddenly, a young teenager rode up huffing and puffing on his bicycle. He threw his bicycle aside and exclaimed, “You’re here!” The youth launched into an explanation: “I saw you last night at the soccer match. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw Americans of all races playing and laughing with my own people. Black men and white men were loving one another. I knew this love could only come from God! I wanted to stay and see the film, but, if I had watched it, my family would have punished me. Today, I saw your van, and I followed you on the road that you took, praying that I would find you. Please tell me about this Jesus so that I may know how this love is possible!”
The team shared with the young man about Jesus, and then he prayed to receive Christ. Every day afterward, he kept calling the Togolese pastor, who had been part of the team, to learn about his next steps in growing in his walk with the Lord.
Note: If there are families who have recently come from Africa now living in your area, see if their language is on our multi-language JESUS DVDs!