A Turbulent Sea


Jesus Film Project touches immigrants in Greece:
Greece Sunset, med
More than 3,000 people worshiped on the Greek shore of Volos on a clear night in June. Looking out to the Mediterranean Sea, this crowd of Christians declared together with one voice, “Make the Mediterranean a sea of peace and reconciliation again!”
More than 1 million people have crossed the Aegean Sea in search of refuge in Greece. The overcrowded boats and inflatable rafts carry refugees across a turbulent sea, only to be greeted with a nation divided on how to treat them.
Greeks have experienced forced immigration at least three times during the last 100 years. A few political parties are presenting divisive views to Greece on fearfully rejecting refugees. At this event, after viewing JESUS and closing the night out in worship, Christians from different churches and backgrounds made the commitment to make the refugees feel welcome by showing them the love of Christ.
As the event ended, Corban, the national team leader for Agape Greece (as Cru® is known in Greece), handed out JESUS DVDs to passersby. A middle-aged, dark-skinned gentleman approached him.
“This movie is given only to Christians?” he asked in broken Greek.
“Of course not,” Corban replied.
“I lost my family in the war,” the man said. “I am from Iraq. I have seen all the movie that you showed tonight. Can you give the DVD to me?” Corban handed the man a copy of JESUS.
“I want to give it to my boss who doesn’t treat us well, although we work so hard for him,” the man said. “Maybe Jesus will soften his heart.”
The man took the DVD, thanked Corban, and walked away into the warm summer night.
As Christians throughout Greece continue to work together to share the powerful story of Jesus, they strive to love others—no matter where they’re from. And just as they saw Jesus calm a stormy sea on screen, they know that only Jesus can calm this turbulent sea of fear and prejudice toward refugees.
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