Charging With “JESUS”

Jesus Film Project shares about the impact of a charging station in Poland:

phone charging

Matthew sat by himself in solemn silence. He had made the pilgrimage to Krakow like millions of other students, but he still felt out of place. Finding a shaded seat in a charging station, Matthew plugged his phone in and stretched out to relax. The screens at the charging station played film after film—each one reminding him of something he had learned in his theological studies—but then again, he was only half-heartedly paying attention. Matthew was in Krakow with other Roman Catholic young adults attending World Youth Day. In partnership with Poland Campus Crusade for Christ®, at least 1,500 volunteer evangelists gathered participated in the event. They manned mobile device charging stations and engaged people in spiritual conversations with the Jesus Film® app.
At one such charging station, Hannah began packing up her things. She had put in a long day of speaking with curious students, but her shift at the charging station was over. As she walked away, the Holy Spirit prompted her to have one more conversation. She turned and saw Matthew watching a short film on a television screen. She walked over and greeted him.
Matthew shyly said he didn’t speak English very well. But as Hannah continued to talk with him, he started to open up. Maybe she knew the answers he needed. Hannah spoke about knowing Jesus personally, and asked him if he were to die tonight, did he know where he would go?
Thinking for a second, Matthew realized that he didn’t really know. “It’s split 50/50 between heaven and hell,” he said. “I have a personal relationship with God, but I’ve done stuff I shouldn’t have.”
Hannah smiled. “That’s where grace comes in,” she said. She explained the powerful grace of God—how we don’t have to be perfect. Matthew grew curious. Me? He thought. Grace for me? Matthew’s questions tumbled out freely and other Campus Crusade volunteers joined their conversation. As the grace of God registered in his heart, Matthew smiled. Maybe God could forgive him. Maybe he could find grace on the other side of death.
At World Youth Day last summer, 3,198 people heard the gospel and 400 people indicated they received Christ. Pray that Matthew continues to pursue God’s forgiveness in Christ and finds assurance in his relationship with Jesus.
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