Love Japan (3 of 3)

Japan Tokyo CrowdStory from a recent Jesus Film Mission Trip to Japan…
JESUS CrucifixionSam & Caleb met Susumu and asked him if he knew about Christmas. They showed him the “Birth of Jesus” segment on a small media device, and afterwards they went through the Knowing Jesus Personally booklet and explained sin. Next they showed the scenes in the JESUS film where Jesus is crucified and where the resurrected Jesus appears to His disciples. They talked about how it’s a personal relationship, and asked if he wanted Jesus in his life. He said “Yes” and prayed a prayer to receive Christ. Before leaving, they gave Susumu a card with the local staff’s contact information for follow-up and took a picture with him. Susumu was one of five students who indicated a decision to accept Christ!
Childrens DVD
Please continue to  pray for Japanese students to see their need for Jesus!
Note: The Story of JESUS  Through the Eyes of Children is great for all ages! Each disc has the film in 24 languages, including Japanese!