The Places You Go!

Carol painting
Vance, the leader of the Reaching the Nations Among Us Team, demonstrates how to give JESUS DVDs in all the places you go:
“Carol and I took a couple days away from our busy schedule to visit Anza-Borrego and see the wild flowers. This year there is a super bloom as a result of all the much needed rain. While on our trip we had several opportunities to share about Jesus with those we met.
Carol has a display hanging on her easel with “Why I Paint” brochures. They contain the story of how she started painting, her testimony and information on how to know Jesus. Several people came by while she was painting and Carol talked with them and gave them a brochure.
We also met an Austrian woman selling bread at the local farmers market. We had a JESUS DVD with German on it and gave her a copy. She was happy to receive it and offered us a gift of her bread as a thank you. 
We also were able to give one of our new JESUS film gift cards to our waiter, leave a DVD for the maid and give DVDs to a store clerk and fruit stand vendors. All happily received them!”
Note: You can stock up on 24-language JESUS DVDs for Easter or for your everyday use!