Window Watcher

Jesus Film Project accepts African hospitality:
With graceful hands, Manelle pushed back the curtain covering the window in her living room. Vehicles and people still passed by the window in a flurry of activity, but what had once been a bustling center for tourism had become a desert to visitors. Despite this, Manelle boiled water on her stove and wrapped cakes in cloth to keep them warm and ready to serve. Eager to show hospitality, Manelle wanted those visiting her country to feel welcomed. Though she hadn’t seen any tourists for some time, her window remained open.
Suddenly a group of foreigners—African missionaries equipped with Jesus Film® materials—passed by Manelle’s window. She rushed out to invite the strangers into her home, excited to offer them some hospitality.Recognizing this opportunity as a gift from the Holy Spirit, the missionaries graciously accepted the local woman’s offer. Once Manelle had poured the tea and set out the cakes, she asked, “What brings you to my country?” Spontaneously one of the team members pulled out an Arabic audio Bible pre-loaded with The Story of Jesus, the audio adaptation of the JESUS film, and gave it to Manelle.A gift? Moved by the gesture, the hostess played it immediately. The words of Jesus in Manelle’s heart language filled the room, and her face became wet with tears. She clasped her hands together, pressing them to her mouth in an expression of gratitude. Then she embraced each missionary and continued to host as the recorded voices washed over her and her guests.
I tell you the truth, anyone who welcomes My messenger is welcoming Me
,and anyone who welcomes Me is welcoming the Father who sent Me.”
– John 13:20 (New Living Translation)
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