Divine Appointment Over Coffee

A friend of the ministry shares her experience:

coffee beans

I was on my way to teach my apologetics class and had a strong desire for a cup of coffee!  I could not locate a Duncan Donuts so I pulled into a local gas station and went into the shop.  I try to be friendly and always give a gospel tract. I have been taught to stay and talk if a person expresses an interest, well he did so for the next 20 minutes I explained the gospel.  What was amazing was no one came into the store all that time!  I found out he was from a major religious group in India whose heart language was Bengali!  I offered him a Jesus DVD in his heart language and bought him a New Testament as well.  I delivered it 2 weeks later and he was very grateful.  I got his name so I can pray for him for 1 year.


I always carry the Jesus film in 16 of the most common languages-on 1 DVD.  I offer them to anyone who is from other countries!
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