Easter Special: Because Seeing Is Believing!


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Jesus Film Preview
Hello. I’m Sarah Waters.  I work with the Jesus Film Shop and would like to share a unique opportunity…
I call this an opportunity and not a product, because this is not simply a product recommendation.  I’m coming to you for a different reason; I’m writing about our purpose as Christians, saved by His grace and eagerly awaiting our welcome into his Kingdom, but as of today, still living on this earth.  You and I are Christ’s apostles, and we are here because we have one remaining thing left to do: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. [Matthew 28:19]
If you’re anything like me, you WANT to tell people about the Good News.  You WANT them to know about Jesus, and you WANT to follow His command to go and out and tell them. BUT… you just don’t always know how.
Thankfully, there is a tool to help us that has been called the most effective evangelistic tool ever inventedIt is the JESUS film. Since the JESUS film was first shown 35 years ago, more than 200 million people have come to know Christ through it. Why am I, and so many others, sure it will be an invaluable tool in helping you share your faith?  Because seeing is believing.  And in this film, those around you can see Jesus – speaking to them in their native languageright in their own home.
This Easter, Jesus Film Shop is offering the JESUS film to YOU for only $1 per copy.  YOU can reach out to every neighbor, acquaintance & friend this Easter with this life-changing gift:
JESUS DVD - 24 Languages on one disc
This will be my answer for how to share the gospel with those I haven’t found a way to yet: my daughter’s preschool teacher (whom I share a “just-not-quite-close- enough” relationship with), the immigrant family who moved in a few months ago, but whose language I don’t speak, and the residents at the retirement home, just down the street from me, but somehow too far to make it into my too-busy schedule). What will yours be?
With 50 DVDs (!) in our hands, we can ensure no one is left off your list this Easter.  Let’s go give the greatest gift one can give!   JesusFilmShop.com (1-800-345-1654)
With excitement,


P.S.  Please, please, please email me at [email protected] and let me know how you’re going to distribute all those DVDs!  Give them to your church so that all those people coming through the doors for the first time this Easter can take home a copy?  Send them to a missionary group?  Put them on all of your neighbor’s porches with a box of cookies?  I want to know so I, and everyone at Jesus Film Shop, can pray for your efforts and that God will open the open-hearts of those that will receive them this year.