Idols Abandoned

Jesus Film Project reports on South Asia:

Riya cherished her statues of Ganesh, Shesha, Lakshmi and other Hindu gods. She worshiped them because she was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t.

Hindu Ganesh godOne day her relative, Parinaaz, came for a visit. She told Riya she had found a God who truly loved her—even though she was divorced. Parinaaz shared the Four Spiritual Laws and challenged Riya to commit her life to Christ. She declined but wanted to know more. So Parinaaz gave her a New Testament and invited her to watch JESUS.

Over the course of several months, the two women continued to discuss Jesus and His ultimate act of love for humankind. Riya began reading the Bible and watched JESUS several times. Eventually, Riya committed her life to Christ.

Abandoning her idols, Riya endured many insults from her family. But she persisted with love and patience, and soon her whole family believed in Jesus. Riya now leads a house church with 12 people, has two Bible studies with 17 people, and has mentored two others to lead Bibles studies.

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