“JESUS” Sheds Light in Darkness

Jesus Film shares a testimony from Africa…

A witch doctor with his fetishes seeks the spirits of darkness for help and control over others.

The presence of “JESUS” film team workers disturbed Kabré because they threatened both his spiritual control and his livelihood. So he decided to fight back with all the power he knew.

“I am Kabré, a 40-year-old man. I was not happy that your ‘JESUS’ film team was in my neighborhood today. I made an appeal to all the forces of witchcraft to spoil [destroy] your property because I am the head of the witchcraft in this village. I make my living in fetishism and you just spoiled my livelihood because all those who become Christians do not want my services any longer. But when you prayed to protect your equipment, I laughed. Now that you have finished without any failure and trouble, I recognize that your Jesus is stronger than my witchcraft, so I will confess and become His disciple. I am saved. Thank you.”*

“JESUS” film teams often report stories like this, in which the local witch doctors find they have no power over God the Creator and then repent and worship Him.

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