Midnight Meeting

Jesus Film Project recently reported this exciting story from East Asia:

It was 10 p.m. as their car drove slowly down a dirt road. The driver, a Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) field worker, had turned off the headlights to reduce the possibility of being spotted. Only the faint light of the moon and stars lit their way. After arriving at a small house, they walked quickly from the vehicle to the house so curious neighbors wouldn’t see them, especially the foreigner. When they stepped inside, their eyes were immediately drawn to a young man sitting in front of a small television watching the JESUS film. He was a North Korean who had left his country for discipleship training. As soon as he was finished watching the film, he would be making the dangerous journey back home to North Korea.
To avoid further endangering the young man and the home owners, the visitors left after a brief meeting, returning the same way they had come. As they drove back down the dirt road with their headlights off, one of the visitors prayed fervently for the young man who would be making the risky trip back home with his new knowledge of the gospel. Anyone caught leaving North Korea illegally, or without successfully bribing officials, is arrested or shot.
You can be a continued blessing to your brothers and sisters in North Korea through your ongoing prayer for missions organizations like The Voice of the Martyrs. Jesus Film Project® tools and resources serve partners around the world as they engage both the unreached and new believers, from Timbuktu to Tulsa to Tokyo.
Story and photo courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs / persecution.com.