What God Can Do Through One Life!

Our partner in Toronto reports:

Blessings in Jesus our Lord most glorious name! Saints, I have so much good new to share, but I will try to make this as short as possible:

Suriname - Kids by river

1. I just chatted with Pastor J in Suriname and he told me that 7 Muslims gave their lives to the Lord in one district after watching the JESUS DVD and reading the tracts  [which we helped to distribute]. This happened this week . Oh praise His holy name! Please keep on praying for their spiritual growth.


2. I was chatting with Pastor T in Guyana and he told me that an entire Hindu family came to know the Lord and that they destroyed all their Hindu gods and have now started a church in their home and sharing the gospel. All the glory to our amazing God. Please keep on praying for this family.
3. You would not believe it but every where we went, we were talking to Muslims, Hindus and others who have given their lives to the Lord. Praise the name of our God.
3. My wife and I can’t believe it, we are now reaching over 1.2 million Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs from all parts of the world via Facebook each day and the responses are tremendous. All day long my IPod is going “Ding, ding. Ding, ding.” They are asking me to join their groups and post my messages. Saints, just two groups have about 950,000 members; one of these groups is Muslim and the other is Hindu. Please pray for me, I go from 4:30 AM to 11:30 PM non stop.

Toronto Airport

4. When my wife drop me off at the airport, I started to share the Good News via the DVD packets and in conversation at the airport here in Toronto, in the plane 38,000 feet in the air, and at the airport in Guyana. The responses were just amazing. The next day we took the ferry into Suriname, and at the ports on both sides the officers remember us from the last time and we continued sharing the Good News.   Everywhere we went, folks were talking about the DVD packets they received. At one of the ports, one of the officers said to me that we are doing the same, that is sharing the Good News via the DVD packets. When he found out that we are the ones responsible for supplying the DVDs and other materials, he was shocked. He told me that he was also a Muslim convert. This is what we been hearing from the people there in these countries;, Muslims and Hindus are giving their lives to Jesus our Lord and also they are reaching out in the neighborhoods with the Good News. It is just plain amazing. Please join us in giving all the praises to our most loving God and Savior Jesus Christ.

French Guiana Lighthouse

5. The next day we crossed over with the ferry to “French Guiana” to meet with the pastors there to start the outreach to every home in that country. This was a very trying time for us because the entire country was in lock down due to a country-wide strike. We got safely to the capital and had our meetings with the pastors; there was excitement in the air as to what our amazing God is about to do in French Guyana. On our way back, we encountered road block after road block… a few of these road blocks we were able to cross, but two of them would not allow us.  But God send His angels to help us. One man said, ” I will take you all to the next road block,” and when we got there another man said, “I will take you to the next,” and so we were able to cross back into Suriname. When we check in at the immigration in Suriname, my son and I were told that we need re-entry visas which we did not have, but the officers let us go because we told them that I have to share and preach in the capital city in a few hours. In every situation, our amazing God was there to help us through. Please give thanks to God for all His help.
6. One pastor told me that they had to add so many more chairs due to so many Hindus and Muslims coming to faith in the Lord. Our God is doing an amazing things in these countries; one pastor broke down in tears. The churches from all denominations are working together for His glory in reaching the lost. I was amazed as they shared of what God is doing. Please keep on praying for all the pastors in all these countries and for all these homes and also that the Holy Spirit will continue to convict and change many, many, many more heart
7. Please keep me in your prayers, as I have so much coordination, meetings in different countries and the shipping of the DVDs and other stuff to all these places.

Note: Which JESUS DVDs will you hand out?