What People Are Saying About Us

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT ReachingTheNationsAmongUs.org
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“I just ordered 50 more & thank you very much. The price is great!! I give them to waiters and waitresses and I leave them in the post office (I am the “gospel stealth bomber” there! lol) and I leave them for the maids, with a good tip, in the motels we stay at in our travels. ~Kelly”
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“I ordered a set of 20 a few months ago—they are already gone—our ESL students took most of them. I’m ordering another set to go in our churches’ ‘grand central’ area. The first one I will be sharing with is an Indian man (from India) who has been coming to church, but doesn’t speak English very well . . . and doesn’t know Jesus. I’m thinking about having dinner with him and watching the movie with him.  In Him, Bill”
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“I now hand out… videos wherever I go. I find that the most receptive people are those from Mexico and Vietnam… I will order these “Jesus” videos because they explain the Gospel to people. Thank you for this wonderful sales offer.  Sincerely, Bill”
~Courtesy of our vendor in California

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