An Eerie No-Show!


Jesus Film Project rejoices in God’s activity:
The film team was alone that night…taking the gospel deep into a dangerous country. With no moon, all they could see were faint silhouettes of buildings and trees.
Sunset trees
The team began playing music through the speakers to attract people to the film showing site. But not a single person came. This almost never happens.*
The team said they felt an unsettling, eerie foreboding. Then they heard it, the sound of bushes rustling, the cracking of branches breaking on the ground. With a cry, 12 radicals stormed out.
Waving machetes and with great anger, they screamed: “We are going to kill you and every infidel with you.” The three team members fled for their lives, running as fast as they could to their jeep. In their confusion they all jumped into the back seat. With the radicals fast approaching, one team member vaulted into the front seat and started the engine just in time. Hearts pounding, they sped away.
For almost a year the “JESUS” film team felt they had forsaken their task, even feeling guilty. They prayed: “These people need to hear the gospel. Lord, what should we do? We need your wisdom.”
As they were praying, one of the team members said, “God is speaking to me. We should go back.” After more prayer they came to an agreement. Although the risk was great, they would go, asking and trusting God to go before and protect them. Little did they know the way He would answer!
The three team members loaded the “JESUS” film and showing equipment into the back of their jeep, along with three boxes of Bibles. They headed for the village, several hours away.
On the road, the film team came to a police checkpoint—for them a potentially dangerous stop in the road. The officer queried, “Where are you going?” Trying to be noncommittal, they said, “We are headed south.” He then surprised them, “Well so am I. Can you give me a ride?” There was no way they were about to refuse a police officer’s request! But then it got worse…
The officer insisted that he climb in the back of the jeep. He actually sat on the boxes of Bibles! They feared that if he looked in the boxes, he could have them arrested or killed. They prayed, and drove on.
Soon, they approached another police checkpoint. This could not go well. The officer popped his head out of the back and told the officers, “I’m with them, you don’t need to search the vehicle.” The police waved them through. Three more police check points…and three more times he got them through!
By now, they suspected that God was doing something. The officer asked the film team, “Tell me, what’s your destination?” “The village of Chanddon,”** to which he replied, “Why, that’s my village! I’ll go with you!” At his request, they drove him to his home where he invited them in for tea. Inside, he asked, “And why have you come to Chanddon?”
“We’ve come to show a film about the Great Prophet Isa (Jesus).” Having experienced their kindness, the officer asked, “What do you need?” This was the very village where radicals had chased them out a year earlier, nearly hacking them to death with machetes. They answered, “We need permission.”
“Oh, that’s no problem. My brother is the mayor! And where do you want to show this film?” They asked, “Can we use the town square?” (Where they had tried before.) To which the policeman replied: “Sure, but you know we have some radical elements here. So I’m going to have my police force guard you as you show the film.”
The team prayed and set up their equipment. Once again, darkness fell. As before, they played music to draw the people. This time a crowd came, sat down and watched “JESUS,” hearing the Word of God in their heart language. For the first time in their lives they learned who Jesus really was.
film showing
The Holy Spirit ministered to their hearts that Jesus was not just a great prophet, but the Son of God who demonstrated power and authority over sickness and death, that He was raised from the dead, and offered all who believe eternal life. That night—that wonderful night—when God went before them, 167 people came to Christ!
Our God longs for every person on earth to hear and understand the gospel, even in the most difficult of places… that everyone, everywhere should be given a chance to meet Jesus, to hear His Word in their mother tongue.
What you can do:
  • Give to teams like these who are reaching people around the world who may never have heard the name of Jesus!
  • The world is also here. Get multi-language DVDs for you to give to the foreigners near you!