Egyptian “JESUS” Campaign

Current News from Egypt:

Egypt Pyramids

This week… thousands are watching the JESUS Film on Facebook because of a special campaign. This is the first time for this type of campaign to run on Facebook, and the team’s hope is for 20K people to watch the movie till the end in one month. We pray that out of those thousands who will see the whole story of Jesus, the Holy Spirit will work in some of their hearts and cause them to understand His saving work on the cross for them.
Just in… an email from a Saudi man says he saw Jesus in a dream during the night following the movie!
Just in… a phone call from an Algerian lady saying; “My life is like the movie you showed. I’ve had a sickness because of an evil spirit. When I watched Jesus in the movie, I felt warmth in my whole body. When Jesus provoked the spirit from the woman, I fell down screaming, and I didn’t realize what happened. When I regained consciousness, my family told me what happened. I knew that I was freed and healed. Thanks for showing the movie! I am from the major religion and love Jesus from my heart!”

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Praise God for… the salvation He offers to everyone!
Pray for… all who watch the JESUS Film through this campaign!
You can… give the JESUS Film on multi-language DVDs to everyone in your world!