Himalayan Witch Doctor

Jesus Film Project reports on Nepal:
On a recent mission trip to Nepal with Jesus Film Project®, Dana and her team had been hiking footpaths between villages in the Himalayan Mountains for an hour. They were looking for people to tell about Jesus. Soon the team came upon a woman crouching on the porch in front of her small house. Using her phone, Dana showed the woman a film clip from the JESUS film where Peter lets down his net and catches hundreds of fish. Dana asked her what the clip told her about the power of God. The woman didn’t understand.“The man who helps the fishermen is named Jesus,” Dana told her. “Have you heard of Jesus?”The woman shook her head. Glad to meet someone who had never heard the name of Jesus, Dana told her about the power of Jesus in the film and in her own life. “Do you think the power of Jesus could help your life?”“No,” the woman said matter-of-factly. Dana was puzzled for a moment, and the woman went on to explain: “I don’t need the power of Jesus, because I already have power. I am a witch doctor.”
Nepali Old womanSurprised by her frankness, Dana prayed for wisdom and continued. “Everyone needs the power of Jesus,” she assured her. “There are certainly things you can’t do on your own. Maybe you need the power of Jesus for healing?”
“No,” she said stiffly.
“Maybe for provision?” Dana had noticed she was living in poverty in a very meager home.
“Maybe you need the power of Jesus for your loneliness.” Instantly, the woman’s posture changed and her eyes filled with longing. She started pouring out her story. Dana learned she was the first wife of a man with two wives, and he spends most of his time with his younger wife in another city. Dana assured her that Jesus’ power is for the moments she feels alone, and that following Jesus is about forgiveness, love and fulfillment.
By the end of the conversation, the woman told Dana and her team that she would make the hour hike to the nearest church so she could learn more about Jesus.
On this trip to Nepal, Dana and her team saw 18 people pray to receive Christ and trained 92 believers on how to us the Jesus Film® app. Most of the Christians they met had only been believers for two months or less and were eagerly sharing their new joy with others. Pray for the many who will hear about Jesus for the first time this year through the efforts of believers equipped with JESUS on their phones.


Think about this: according to official government data,
  • In 2001, the USA was the home of 11,715 Nepalese Americans
  • In 2010, there were 59,490 Nepalese Americans
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