Partnerships Help Send “JESUS” to Reach the Unreached

The Great Commission is for the whole body of Christ… your church and my church, you and me!  This is why partnerships are at the center of our work at Jesus Film Project®. Today more than 1,500 organizations use the “JESUS” film and tools we provide to make disciples in every nation and work toward reaching every person.
Watch the tremendous success East-West Ministries is having in places like India. Teams are reaching more people and planting churches with the “JESUS” film using new portable equipment.  Please pray for their work in India, as well as Asia and more than 48 countries worldwide.  Many of these ministries are going to the unreached in the difficult places.
Note: you can befriend people in your area from some of these same unreached nations. Give them the gift of a “JESUS DVD” in their  own language! (24 languages on each DVD, special discount of 100 DVDs for $100)