Tour to Revival

God is truly moving in the lives and hearts of those who go through the Jesus Film tour!
Tour JFP
On the 18th of November (last year) I had a precious group of people accompany me on the 10.30am Jesus Film Project Tour. Everyone was very interested and inspired by all they learned about Jesus Film and missions work around the world. One lady in particular was very touched and visibly moved during the tour. Afterwards she approached me and asked if I would pray for her salvation with her. I was delighted and honored to pray with this lady, so after knowing Jesus only from a distance, this precious lady prayed the Sinner’s Prayer with me with tears streaming down her face! She encountered Jesus during our tour and was inspired and moved to commence a real, personal and intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!
Unbeknownst to me, all the other tour guests witnessed this magnificent event and also wept with joy, many of which were children! I have since learned that this lady has purchased over a dozen Four Spiritual Law Booklets and is having her own revival amongst family and friends! So now I include an invitation of prayer at the end of the tours I conduct and have been met with a very favorable response by our tour guests.
The harvest field is ripe!
-Freida Shingleton