How To Use the “JESUS” DVD Display

24 language “JESUS” DVD Display
Display with cards
Have you ever considered that today’s mass migration is an answer to our prayers for everyone in the world to have a chance to know Jesus? Our display of “JESUS” DVDs offers churches an easy and effective way to welcome their newest neighbors  to America..
What you can do…
  1. Place a display in a public area accessible by your church members after your main worship service.
  2. Make a brief announcement during your service about the display.
Example of church announcement:
“Have you ever wondered how you can open a spiritual conversation with a friend from another country or religion?  Even if they seem to speak English, they may not speak it well and they likely communicate in another language at home. We have a wonderful opportunity to present the life of Jesus in 24 languages with a single “JESUS” DVD.  These languages cover 99% of the US population.  But if you meet someone who speaks a different language or can’t play a DVD, then you can give one of the new gift cards to download the film. People are very open to receive a gift in their own language. You will be encouraged by the positive responses you receive.  Today, be sure to take a DVD  or a card and give it to an international this week.”
The display includes the following:
AmericanCities DVD
  • 20 copies of our new 24 language “JESUS” DVD
  • 20 JESUS film gift cards
  •  A choice of two display signs
Current cost:
  • Plastic display with 20 DVDs & 20 cards = $24.95
  • Refill of 50 DVDs = $75
  • Alternate choice of 50 children’s DVDs = $75
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