JESUS in Afghanistan

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Our Ministry in PACT Reports:
When Darya* and her husband Omar* trusted Christ about ten years ago, Darya’s relatives wanted to kill them and their children. They fled to another city but never stopped praying for their relatives’ salvation. About a year ago, Darya’s brother Taj* came to their city. They took every opportunity to talk with him about God and he began to read the Bible. After Omar and Darya showed him the JESUS film, he understood more of the gospel and began coming to their house church. One night, Taj stayed up wrestling with his thoughts about God. He remembered how his family had wanted to kill Darya and Omar when they turned to Christ. But in the morning, he awoke with a heart full of God’s peace. He decided to follow Jesus. Taj returned home to share the gospel with his family. Our leaders visited him in his village and he went through our house church leader training. When he showed the JESUS film to his brothers and sisters, one sister said she needed time to learn more about Jesus and the Bible, and another sister received Christ. God is responding to Darya and Omar’s decade of prayer.

*Fictitious name

Note: You can share the gospel in Dari with Afghans by giving them a gift, a Central Asian Languages ‘JESUS’ DVD!

From the PACT July 2017 report with permission of the Area Leadership (Persian, Armenian, Central Asian, and Turkic World)