The Phone Keeps Ringing!

Read  5 messages left on our voicemail…

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Rapid City, SD:  I usually buy 100 at a time, I only have one Jesus DVD for children left… I need to get them ordered; it’s really important!… I’d like to get them soon and pass ’em out, because we don’t have a lot of time before Jesus comes back! I want to order 100 DVDs for children!
Toronto, ON: Thank you so much… I just received, a week or so ago, a copy of the DVD of the Life of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian and would like to use it for witnessing purposes… If you need to, you can call collect, I will take your call… God bless you! This film is dynamic, I have Muslim friends and I have different friends in different walks of life that I would just love to give this to. Thank you for listening to my call…  God bless you! Bye!
Missouri: Hello!… We are a ministry that reaches out to refugees, newly arriving refugees. We’ve been here for a little over 10 years. And a local church here gave us a box-full of the Life of Jesus Christ DVDs.  We’ve been handing them out like crazy. So, I was looking at getting some more… I have the Life of Jesus Christ DVD looks like in Bosnian, English, French, several different languages, about 9 or so different languages. I was hoping to get more of these… We’ll get the churches together to help us out and get a whole bunch of these to give out to the refugee community. Thank you! Bye!

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Northeast PA: Hi! I am interested in ordering some DVDs, the Life of Jesus, I viewed one, my wife and I, and we’d like to get a bunch distributed on Good Friday for our outreach. I pastor a… church… I think on Monday, I’d like to order some.  That would be great. Thanks so much. God bless!
Maryland: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, He is Lord!  I was at a give-away for the community in terms of food, groceries, and they had just a delightful truth on DVD. I want to know how I can get more to distribute…  I am watching the life of JESUS now and I do want to to learn Arabic! I will be playing continuously Arabic!…  I am waiting to connect with your ministry. Thank you for spreading the gospel of the Kingdom throughout the entire world. Jesus is truly coming again and He’s coming quickly. So I say, thank you very much!
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