Williamsport Welcomes the World!

From a couple on our “Reaching the Nations Among Us” Team:

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South Williamsport, Pennsylvania as been the home of Little League since 1939. Little League is a non-profit organization that arranges youth baseball and softball leagues throughout the US and the world. The first Little League World Series was played in 1947.
In recent years, to celebrate the Little League World Series, the mayor of Williamsport PA organizes a block party downtown.  One of our partnering churches in Williamsport was given a prime location for outreach directly across from some of the live entertainment.  It was noisy but the opportunity was just unbeatable – a chance to meet people attending the games from all over the world.  On August 25th, members of our church and our hosting church gave out around 800 multi-language DVDs of the JESUS Film.  We figure we met people speaking 8 different languages (Spanish, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and even Navajo) from 10 countries.

Little league

A quick debrief was done with the two people who helped from our home church and we received these comments, “Wow, that was so easy!  When can we do it again?!” and “Can we do this again next weekend?”
What a privilege we have to be ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ!
Note:  We gave out the children’s version of the JESUS Film at the Little League event. Choose the version for your event (original JESUS Film, Magdalena for women, JESUS for children) and determine the best language grouping. Click here for choices.  Make an order online or by phone  (800) 381-0911 (for questions, call this number).