Nigeria: Plain Amazing

A special partner in Canada shares his recent adventures:
Hello loving Saints!
Blessings in the mighty name of our loving Savior! Saints, my heart is so fill with thanksgiving and gratitude for all your prayers for me and my friends, for our travels and safety while in Nigeria and the results is just “plain amazing.”

Nig in airport

We arrived in Nigeria and were welcomed at the airport by the church family with dancing, banner waving, flowers and four armed military soldiers with sub-machine guns as our guards 24/7 for our seven days there. The guards were a must because the government wants to make sure we are safe at all times due to the many gangs and Muslim militants.
We had five days of crusades and three days of training and the results were “plain amazing.” Praise the Lord, each day we witnessed many who submitted their lives to the Lord!  Our host, Pastor C., currently serves in this area.

Nig lady w baby

On the first day, a young mother with her baby strapped to her back who traveled a great distance came forward and gave her life to the Lord. She did not know how she would return home; she had no return plan. They are very poor, so I gave her some money to get her home. She was so happy and thankful that she fell at our feet on the ground with the baby on her back. My heart was so broken when I saw what she did, but I was also happy that she is now a child of God.
Praise the Lord, that during each crusade while worshiping, praising, praying and hearing the message, people were jumping out of their seats and falling to the ground, rolling and screaming. Pastor would run to them because those people were possessed.  Then the battle to cast out the evil spirits began. Pastor asked the evil spirits to tell us your names and how many you are and you hear them screaming it out. This may all sound strange to us in the West but this is how it is Africa and also in Guyana where I was born. I witnessed these things from a very young age. Praise the Lord, we always win.
Nig crusade
Praise the Lord, that every where we went the folks were happy to received the Good News. Even while the crusade was going on, we were on the road handing out DVDs and tracts to passersby and inviting them to come. Most nights were packed and on the last night it was packed out with standing room only.
That night, an all night worship service was held and about 50 cult members, young men and women, came forward and give their lives to the Lord. They brought their gang bands and lay them at the altar. One gang member even went home at about 3 AM in the morning to get his band to lay it at the altar. I presented each one of them with a copy of the “Life of JESUS  DVD” and a tract “Steps to Peace with God”.
The people had been completely into cults, witchcraft and idol worship and 5 years later are nearly all worshiping the Lord. Praise the Lord, our amazing God is doing amazing things and will continue to amazing things in Nigeria.
Praise the Lord, that while leaving at both airports, folks were shouting “Soldier of the Lord” and I was wondering who are they calling out to, only to find out that they were calling out to me and the reason why was because I was handing out DVDs, Bibles and Tracts in the plane and through out the airport when I came into Nigeria and everywhere else and they remember me.
Praise the Lord, I was chatting with Pastor C. this morning and he told me that many who have watched the JESUS Film came to the church and meetings are set up to go to their area with the Good News. Praise the Lord that exciting things are happening.
Prayer Request:

nig crowd

  • Please pray for Pastor C.’s leadership and for his church members as they plan on reaching all of Nigeria with the Good News. Please pray for the DVDs to arrive safely into Togo and then shipped to Pastor C. in Nigeria.
  • Please pray for the many who have given their lives to the Lord and also for those who have recommitted their lives and been baptized.
  • Please pray for all the other outreach going on in the many countries; the news is just awesome.
  • Please pray for me, I am under attack from it seem every angle. Western Union and Money Gram no longer want to allow me to send money to pay our bills in all these countries. I have difficulties getting on to flights. I asked why and they told me that I am “Black listed.”
  • Please pray for financial help, as I have 384,000 DVDs arriving here in a few weeks. Some will be shipped out to different countries.  Thousands of lives will be saved, so please keep on praying for help.
Thanks again for all your prayers!
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