“Not Worthy”

Report on Eastern Europe from JESUS Film Project:
Summer had arrived and people milled about outside, enjoying the weather. Maksim took little notice of his surroundings as he left his house that afternoon. He had one thing on his mind: buying alcohol as he did most days.
Maksim had heard all the arguments from friends and family—even “religious” reasons—about why he shouldn’t drink. So far they had convinced him of neither the benefits of sobriety nor the existence of God. Numbing his mind was all that mattered.
As Maksim walked down the street toward the liquor store, he heard music. A group of enthusiastic young men and women stood just ahead, on the sidewalk near the curb, playing guitars and singing songs. They also handed out flyers, inviting passersby to a JESUS film showing. Instead of avoiding them, Maksim confidently approached. Time to enlighten these people, he thought.
After a short conversation, the group made a deal with Maksim: If he would attend the film showing, they would listen to Maksim’s reasons for “why there is no God.” Agreeing to the proposal, Maksim attended the screening.
But when JESUS ended, Maksim stood up and said he had changed his mind—he didn’t want to debate with them. No longer proud and boastful, he said his reasons for doubting God’s existence were “not worthy.” Maksim then asked the men and women how he could personally encounter Jesus, the Jesus he had just seen and heard about in the film. With his newfound friends by his side, Maksim offered a prayer of repentance and accepted Christ as his Savior. Now Maksim attends a local church and plans to be baptized.