Pastor Ed

One partner in Vancouver shares two stories:


Recently, a fellow by the name of Pastor Ed came to our store at Power to Change.  He purchased tracts and JESUS DVDs and told me how the Lord prompted him to set a table on his lawn by the sidewalk and lay out Bibles, New Testaments, tracts and JESUS DVDs. He put up a sign saying, “Used Bibles Free” and another sign with his name and phone number and “Call if you would like to chat.” 
In the first week,  at least 17 used NIV Study Bibles were picked up. One day as the pastor walked the hallway of his home, he noticed a young Asian man reading an English tract from cover to cover and then he read the Chinese tract from cover to cover and then looked through a New Testament.
Yesterday was our church’s Parking Lot Party.  A couple from the church made a donation to purchase a quantity of the 24 language JESUS DVDs, along with tracts in English and Punjabi. These were made available to all.
Here are 2 encouraging examples of how people are sharing the Good News of Jesus.
Pray that these JESUS DVDs, Bibles and tracts would be used mightily by the Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself.
Thank you for your prayers and interest in reaching others for Christ.
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