The Power of Kindness!

From a recent Prayer Guide:
Muhammad*, Fatima* and their children escaped from a war-torn Middle Eastern country and were chosen for resettlement in the United States. In their home country they had never heard anything positive about Christianity. But now in America, a group of Christians were helping them with everything from furniture and food to finding their way around in a new, perplexing culture.
dvd_jf_me_lang_sleeveOne year ago, some of the refugee ministry workers made an unannounced visit to Muhammad and Fatima’s home. Upon
entering, they found them watching the JESUS film in their language on YouTube. When asked what they were watching, Muhammad responded, “You all have been so kind to us that we feel like we need to know more about your faith and what you believe.”
The refugee workers were filled with amazement. They share JESUS DVDs with refugees when they feel the families are ready. In this case, God used the workers’ prayers and care to quickly open hearts. The ministry recently reported that they have seen the whole family continue to take positive steps toward Jesus.

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We are living in an unprecedented time when everyone everywhere can see the hope and love of Jesus through media, whether by watching a JESUS DVD or by downloading the film on computers or smart phones. It is our joy to see the body of Christ come together to reach out to the newest neighbors God is bringing to our shores. Consider who you can pray for, care for and share JESUS DVDs or gift cards as the Easter  season approaches.
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*Names changed for security