A Report from North Africa & the Middle East:
The most thrilling highlight of 2017 came from a country in North Africa where over 150 Muslims have come to faith in Christ last year. This is unparalleled in the last 30 years. The word of the Lord is definitely spreading!!!
Historically this country has been one of the most difficult countries to reach in our area of North Africa and the Middle East (NAME). It has been lacking evangelical Christians for hundreds of years.
Our area director started a ministry there in the 1980s and was expelled from the country because of his evangelistic efforts. Although he talked with many about Jesus, he was only able to completely share the gospel with a handful of people during two years in the country.
In recent years, we have seen the ministry grow despite this hard soil and have seen 2-3 come to faith in Christ each year. This was through much prayer and the efforts of our faithful staff and short-term teams.
North Africa B St NAME
Recently, however, This country has seen a great harvest! In July 2017, our team celebrated the 100th Muslim coming to faith in Christ that year.  This is marvelous – and we want to give glory to God for how His Spirit is moving. They saw more than 150 total decisions in that one year!
As this spiritual movement grows, the new believers have broadened their vision to the neighboring country. Just a few months ago a missionary team of young believers traveled to several cities in the nearby country… 4 committed their lives to Jesus! This is Book of Acts all over! They are planning future trips, and our staff team in the bordering country is following up these new believers, who all come from an Arab Muslim background!
How you can help:
  • Please be praying that the Lord would protect these young believers and that the church would grow in a healthy way. Young believers from Muslim backgrounds have many issues to work through in their new faith.
  • We have over 400 staff serving in NAME. They face the daily pressure of being believers in oppressive Islamic societies and they often face the real risk of persecution. They, like the believers in Acts, are filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. They are bold in the face of so much opposition, but they need our help to be able to serve on the field.
  • You can reach the North Africans and Middle Easterners  who live in your city or town in their languages with our Middle Eastern JESUS DVDs. CLICK HERE!

(edited for security and clarity)