What People Are Sayin’ [Part B]

One Customer Comments on Our New JESUS Film Gift Cards:
I was fascinated… and love the gift card idea. I gave a bunch to one of the Elders on my church who has cancer. He loves them and is giving them out all over John Hopkins as he goes for chemo.”

Gift card mix xx

 ” … Put them in Christmas cards, with restaurant tips, tips for mail and trash men (with a chic-fil-a gift card), give to hospital personnel, Magdalena for nurses and waitress, JESUS Film for docs and waiters. This past weekend at a children’s outreach, I gave them to the children after they promised to watch it with their families. Gave to my Sunday School Kidz as we learned about Jesus telling His disciples to go into all the world. Their job was to pray and ask God who they should give them to. Interestingly, I’ve found a lot of folks, even some in ministry 30 and under, have never heard of it. Visit those in the hospital and give them some to give out; praying before we give them out. I’ve found the response has been very positive. Great tool. Love it.”
~male, USA, 60+
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