Refugee from Malaysia Shares JESUS!

A dear friend and supporter wrote the encouraging note below:
Malaysian group - Blurred
I don’t know if you remember, but you helped me get a Jesus DVD in Burmese, several of them actually, including two for children. The young man in the center of this photo is the story. I met him on Global Media Outreach shortly after you got me into it. He was a Burmese refugee in Malaysia and received Christ through the Internet. He immigrated to the US and now has taken the gospel back to his own people after all of these years.  He took the Jesus DVD for children to this orphanage yesterday. He has other devices with him for dangerous parts of his country. Please pray for him and know that all the seeds we are sowing will bear fruit. These precious children will believe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 Please Note:
  • Even if you don’t speak their language,,you can give a JESUS DVD with Burmese and related languages (total of 16 languages on one disc) to Burmese refugees in your area.
  • Or give them a gift card so they can download or stream the film. Just select “Burmese” from 1600 choices!
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